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Citizen’s Handbook – Mayville

Citizen’s Handbook Mayville Pet License and Leashes Required for all pets in public. Licenses may be purchased at the City Hall, bring vaccination records, $5 for fixed, $15 for unfixed. Snow Removal Reminder! Vehicles need to be removed from …

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Mayville-Portland:Β The Right Size For Business To Grow Some businesses get lost in a big city, but not here. More than 200 companies call Mayville-Portland home, covering a wide range of industries from technology to manufacturing, from …

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Available Housing

Housing That Feels Like Home β€œHome” means something different to everyone. For some it is a house, for others it is an apartment or a condo. Here in Mayville-Portland, we have a wide range of housing …

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Mayville City Auditor

Portland City Auditor