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Mayville-Portland: The Right Size For Business To Grow

Some businesses get lost in a big city, but not here. More than 200 companies call Mayville-Portland home, covering a wide range of industries from technology to manufacturing, from healthcare to retail – serving local customers and national clients. That North Dakota work ethic you’ve heard so much about is part of our DNA, and our residents are fiercely loyal to hometown businesses. There are opportunities here, whether you are a start-up looking for a boost or an expanding business looking toward the future. Contact us and let us show you just how productive it can be when you do business with so many possibilities.


  • More than 200 businesses
  • Diverse sectors including information technology, manufacturing, processing, retail, service, and health care
  • Financial institutions include three banks, one credit union, national financial investment groups, and insurance companies



  • Mayville-Portland is along North Dakota Highway 200 – the most traveled east-west two-lane highway in North Dakota.
  • Near Interstate 29 – a direct trade route between Canada and Mexico.
  • Along North Dakota Highway 18 – connects Interstate 94 to Canada.
  • The Mayville Municipal Airport has a brand new 3,310-foot blacktop runway with pilot-controlled lighting – IDENTIFIER: D-56.
  • Near Hector (Fargo) and Grand Forks International Airports, providing access to regional, national, and international flights.
  • Federal Express centers serve the region with at least two flights daily to Fed Ex’s international distribution center. Next-day delivery is available from multiple services.
  • Rail Service by BNSF Railroad


Mayville-Portland has a skilled and educated workforce with a strong work ethic. Mayville-Portland is located in the center of Traill County (population 8,600).

In addition to the workers in Traill County and adjacent areas, employers have the opportunity to enhance their workforce by including approximately 900 undergraduates at Mayville State University.


Located in the heart of the rich Red River Valley between Fargo and Grand Forks, North Dakota, Mayville-Portland has many possibilities for new, relocating, and expanding businesses! We also have many economic development incentives to help businesses flourish!
 Mayville-Portland is an ideal location for anyone to start or expand a business. As a college town, our community boasts a well educated workforce. Mayville State University’s curriculum includes a strong emphasis on technology, and was the nation’s first Tablet PC university.


Mayville-Portland has the land available for your company expansion or relocation. With adequate land, we are able to ensure your company has the growing room it needs at a price that is much more affordable than the larger cities around us.

Our existing properties may be just the right fit for your business, and we’ll help to be sure you get there. Each of these properties includes incentives to start your business.


Mayville-Portland has many businesses to accommodate your business and family needs. Search through our listings to find what you need, or to simply explore. From auto repair to first class medical facilities, we have what you need to shop locally.

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