Live & Work | Mayville - Portland, North Dakota

Live & Work In Mayville-Portland

Mayville-Portland features the perfect balance of safe, small-town atmosphere and fresh, diverse opportunity – both in life and in business. The kids can bike to school, but a great career and a world-class education are just blocks away as well.

Live here and you’ll get to know your neighbors. Work here and you can do business anywhere in the world. Play here and your family will enjoy every minute. Visit here and you may never want to leave.

  • Quiet streets and short commutes
  • Local merchants sell everything from fresh produce and groceries to hardware and supplies
  • Restaurants, night clubs and a movie theater
  • World-class technology infrastructure (including one of the nation’s top five internet providers)
  • Sporting events, including some of the nation’s best baseball and basketball
  • Easy access for hunting, fishing and snowmobiling
  • Mayville State University
  • A vibrant economy with many excellent jobs
  • Just minutes from two large metropolitan centers

Need more reasons to live and work here in Mayville-Portland? Contact us today and let us show you around!

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