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Economic Development In Mayville-Portland

Success in business has a lot to do with where you put down roots. Our workforce is well-educated, displaying a work ethic that other regions in the United States acknowledge as the gold standard. Our largest employers work in education and health care, but that doesn’t mean our growing list of manufacturers and retailers don’t appreciate Mayville-Portland’s positive business climate just as much. Our community was founded on agriculture, of course, but that is only a small part of our focus. Farming simply provides an economic base for a flourishing ecosystem of economic development that leverages financial incentives, technology and training partnerships to support new and expanding businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Here are the biggest reasons businesses thrive in Mayville-Portland:

  • Well-educated, self-motivated workforce
  • Cutting edge technology infrastructure
  • Partnerships with Mayville State University, a strong training partner and the first Tablet PC University in the United States
  • Powerful, unique financial incentives from the Mayville-Portland Economic Development Corporation

Here’s What The Mayville-Portland Economic Development Corporation Can Do For You And Your Business:

Every successful company needs a boost now and then, even if they already have a solid foundation. The Mayville-Portland Economic Development Corporation (MPEDC) is in the business of growing business. That’s our only job, and we’ve been empowered by the leadership of this community to take proactive steps in helping businesses here to succeed. Among other programs, we offer:

  • Powerful financial incentives (including low-interest loans and tax exemptions)
  • Support and leverage in procuring county, regional and state development resources
  • Experienced advisors to provide innovative solutions for overcoming the challenges that come with any business venture

Capital Is Available For Property And Land Development

The MPEDC can assist businesses that seek the ideal property and land for industrial and business development in Mayville-Portland. The MPEDC also partners with the Traill County EDC to provide enhanced business financing. These entities work together to make no-interest and low-interest loans and tax exemptions available to eligible businesses.

The MayPort EDC meets at noon on the first Thursday of each month.

Mayville-Portland EDC

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