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Norsemen Archers awards contracts for new hall/community center


Contracts and bids have been returned to Norsemen Archers for construction of the new archery hall/community center.

Spokesman Ross Thykeson told the Tribune that concrete work will be poured by Brend Construction, the structure will be built by E.A. Anderson Construction, and the landscaping will be done by Chad’s Excavating.

Thykeson said the groundwork, cement and shell run a total of $180,000. That’s without plumbing, electrical or interior work.

Norsemen Archers has received a grant of $216,000 from the North Dakota Outdoor Heritage Fund. Thykeson said Norsemen Archers has a goal to raise another $84,000, and a placard listing each business or person who donates cash or equipment will be posted in the new building. For more information, contact Thykeson at 701-371- 2473 or Ben Basol at 701-430-1389.

Norsemen Archers will hold a 3-D fun shoot/open house for kids 17 and from 1 to 4 p.m. March 28 and 29 at Viking Hall in Portland. Blueprints for the new community- based, multi-purpose center will be on display.

Demolition of Viking Hall is expected to begin April 1.

Norsemen Archers is seeking to raise about $84,000 to help finance electrical, plumbing and interior work for the new archery hall/community center that will replace Viking Hall in Portland.

James R. Johnson, Traill County Tribune
A special thanks to the Traill County Tribune for the use of this article from March 21, 2015. 


If at first you don’t succeed, try again.

After being rejected last spring, Norseman Archers “applied again” with the North Dakota Heritage Fund for a grant request to fund a new archery building to replace Viking Hall.

The application was forwarded by the advisory board to the State Industrial Commission, which gave its stamp of approval last week, according to Ross Thykeson, one of 50 Norseman Archer members.

“With the funding we have, we’re going to plan to use the new building for archery for two years, but we hope to eventually make it a dual-purpose building for other activities,” Thykeson told the Tribune.

Come April, Viking Hall will be demolished, with construction of a new archery hall to be completed before league archery begins the first week of January 2016.

Thykeson said plans call for a 60’ by 120’ structure, with a possible 30’ by 60’ lean-to for a kitchen and meeting area.

The cost on the original application was $303,281, with the grant request for $220,781. The project is being rebid because Norsemen Archers changed part of the floor plan, and they wanted more contractor bids. Thykeson said Norsemen Archers will meet in mid-February to review the bids.

The funding agreement requires a 25% match. Thykeson said Norsemen Archers will determine how much they need to raise after the bids come back. Norseman Archers is planning a fundraiser the weekend of March 28-29.

“We’re going to hold a 3-D target shoot for kids 18 and under,” Thykeson said. “People will get to see the building as it stands and the plans for the new building. This will also be a good way to keep youth involved.”

James R. Johnson, Traill County Tribune
A special thanks to the Traill County Tribune for the use of this article from January 17, 2015.  

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