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Citizen’s Handbook Mayville

Pet License and Leashes Required for all pets in public.
Licenses may be purchased at the City Hall, bring vaccination records, $5 for fixed, $15 for unfixed.

Snow Removal Reminder!
Vehicles need to be removed from the streets of Mayville within a 24 hour period of snow fall – Ordinances #’s 16 – 1415, 16 – 1416 and 16 – 1417. It is unlawful to park or leave a vehicle for a period longer than 48 hours on any public streets or highway in the City of Mayville. 48 hours is reduced to 24 during and after a snow event requiring snow removal. Members of the Sheriff’s Department are authorized to Tag, Ticket and Tow vehicles in violation. SNOW ORDINANCE (pdf) Please remember to not blow snow into a cleaned street and to move out of the way of snow removal equipment.

Calendar note: The City of Mayville will test the emergency siren at Noon on the First Monday of every month.

City Of Mayville

Karl Jorgenson

City Attorney:
Nilson Brand Law
Cassie Tostenson

City Auditor:
Gail Olstad email
Julie Christianson email
Office: 788-2166
FAX: 788-4205
Mailing Address:
City of Mayville
PO Box 220
Mayville ND 58257

  • Auditor Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. (public), 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. (office)  21 1st St NE
  • City council meetings: First Monday of the month, 6pm City Hall
    • Physical Plant Committee meets the Wednesday prior to council, noon at City Hall
    • Exec Meeting…typically right after Physical Plant meeting
    • Administrative committee meets the day of council, 4:30 pm at City Hall.
  • Veteran’s service officer: Every Friday 8 a.m. to noon at City Hall.
  • This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Park District:
Jen Kohls – President
Jeremy Marquardt – Secretary
Al Koshney
Emily Halvorson
Clerk/Treasure: Courtney Peterson

Street Department:
Cal Peterson

Water & Sewer Department:

Municipal Judge:
Tom Moe

dial 911

Police Police services are provided by the Traill County Sheriff Department 701-636-4510

Fire & Rescue
(701) 620-1784
Rich Hart, Chief

City Council

City Council meetings:
1st Monday of the month (6:00 pm)
City Hall: 21 1st St NE, Mayville, ND 58257

Karl Jorgenson

City Auditor:
Gail Olstad email
Julie Christianson email
Office: 788-2166
FAX: 788-4205


William Bohnsack

Charlie Moen

Aaron Soholt

Ray Petersen

Ben Gates

Larry O’Brien

City Attorney:

Nilson Brand Law
Cassie Tostenson

Garbage & Recycling

Residential Garbage Pickup THURSDAY
Commercial Garbage Pickup TUESDAY
Cardboard THURSDAY
Recycling Every other Friday

  • Please make sure that all recreational fire pits are covered.
  • Please burn in a safe and nuisance free manner.
  • Please do not leave fire unattended.
  • Please extinguish fire when finished.

Inert Landfill

Fall/Winter Schedule

  • October 1 – April 30
    • Saturday: 8 a.m. to 12 noon
    • Must Call Landfill Operator: 701-430-1452

Spring/Summer Schedule

  • May – September
    • Thursday: 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
    • Saturday: 8 a.m. to 12 noon
    • Must Call Landfill Operator: 701-430-1452

Commercial, Business and Non-resident materials will be charged at current rate

Permits & Licenses

Building Permit

The City of Mayville requires that a property owner apply for and receive a building permit for any construction or repair, prior to the start of the project. This includes, but is not limited to, interior repair/remodeling, exterior repair/remodeling, siding replacement, re-shingling, out buildings, fences, sidewalks and other permanent structures.

  • The fee for projects that cost* between $0 and $999 is $0.
  • The fee for projects that cost* between $1000 and $5,000 is $10.
  • The fee for projects that cost* between $5,001 and $10,000 is $50.
  • The fee for projects that cost* over $10,000 is $100. *Cost refers to total of parts and labor to complete project.

You may download the building permit, fill it in and send it along with the appropriate fee to the address listed below. For exterior changes, fences, sidewalks, or out-buildings, it will also be necessary to send a detailed drawing of the site and proposed construction, including dimensions and distances from lot lines. If there is a question as to zoning, or building restrictions, we suggest you call the City Auditor. Please be aware that there are some restrictions as to the use of vertical steel siding, and unpainted steel roofing within the City of Mayville. Please contact the City Auditor for the particulars. The fine for not applying for a building permit before construction begins is $200.

Send applications to:

City of Mayville PO Box 220 Mayville ND 58257 (or call 701-788-2166)

Pet License

No dog or cat shall be permitted to be in or remain in the City of Mayville without being registered as to it’s sex, breed, name and address of the owner. At the time of registration the owner shall obtain a license and pay a fee of $5.00 for fixed, $15.00 for non-fixed. All licenses expire in one year. It is the owner’s responsibility to securely attach the license tag around the dog or cats neck and keep it there at all times during the license period. It is the responsibility of the owner of any dog or cat, kept in the City of Mayville, to have it inoculated against rabies at least once a year if the vaccine used was phenalized vaccine. A license cannot be issued for any dog of cat unless the applicant shows a certificate from a veterinarian showing compliance with this vaccination. To license your pet: Application for a Pet License must be picked up at the Mayville City Auditor office, Mayville City Hall. Complete the application and submit it along with the fee, and a copy of the vaccination certificate. Application must be made in person with appropriate documentation.

Gaming & Raffle Permits:

Download the permit on the right.

Mayville City Auditor

Portland City Auditor