Mayville Streets Update – July 14, 2022 | Mayville - Portland, North Dakota

Mayville Streets Update – July 14, 2022

Just an update for work next week (July 18-22) in town.  We plan to close 5th Ave SE on Monday morning for storm sewer installation.  Also, we are planning on moving up the work on 1st St. SE.  We plan to close that road on Monday.  

We will not be reclaiming the city parking lot this year.

For everyone – handle your garbage and recycle as you always do, same place, same time – if a street is closed the contractors will be moving it to a point of pickup and bringing it back.

The reclamation/grindings/millings done this year will be used in the base for the new streets.

As noted above 5th Ave SE will be closed, the cemetery will still be accessible from East and West. At some point when that intersection is worked on it will not be and we will try to provide notice when that happens.

Mayville City Auditor

Portland City Auditor