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New Business On The Block – Jacobson Brothers To Provide Outdoor Services

After commuting to Grand Forks for his job over the past 12 years, Jasper Jacobson is hoping that the grass really is greener working near home. The Mayville man officially started work as a business owner Dec. 1 and he couldn’t be happier. “I am so excited. With my family and home here, I have been trying to figure out a way to work closer to home,” Jacobson, a 1999 graduate of May-Port CG High School and 2003 graduate of Mayville State University, told the Tribune.

Jasper Jacobson and Bill Howden share a conversation. Jacobson recently purchased a snow removal and irrigation business from Howden.

Jasper Jacobson and Bill Howden share a conversation. Jacobson recently purchased a snow removal and irrigation business from Howden.

He is excited to introduce his new business, Jacobson Brothers. The Mayville man is looking to provide year-round residential and commercial outdoor services throughout Traill and Steele Counties. In the spring, summer and fall months, Jacobson Brothers will provide lawn maintenance, including mowing, fertilizer and weed control, tree trimming and gutter cleaning in Mayville, Portland, Hillsboro, Hatton, Golden Lake, Finley and surrounding areas. “We are bringing back some services that haven’t been in the area for some time,” Jacobson said.

Keeping outdoor areas nice and green has always been a passion for the Mayville man. Jasper remembers enjoying the opportunity to mow his family’s yard when they moved to Westwood in 1994. Several years ago, Jacobson maintained the grounds at the Mayville Cemetery.

“My grandpa got me start mowing when I was 13 and I have been doing it ever since,” he said. Many have asked the new owner about his business’ name. It refers to the makeup of the Jacobson family tree. “There are three generations of brothers in my family. My dad has a brother, I have a brother and my wife and I have three sons,” Jacobson pointed out. “Family is very important to us and I wanted the business to have that family feel.”

As part of Jacobson Brothers, Jasper purchased Bill Howden’s snow removal and irrigation business. In the winter, Jacobson Brothers offers full snow removal, ice melt and roof-clearing services to homes and businesses in the Mayville-Portland area.

The Bobcat used is an excellent piece of machinery that gives operators many options, Howden said. “It doesn’t leave big piles in the yard and really disperses snow where ever you point it,” said the Mayville man, who recently retired after selling his business to Jacobson.

Howden, who has been providing snow removal services in Mayville for the past 28 years, thanks his customers through the years for the patronage. He noted that business has been good to him and has helped put a child through college. “It’s been good to me,” Howden, who recently turned 68, said of his outdoor service business. “But, I think it’s time. I feel good about it because Jasper is very talented and hard-working. He is a dedicated individual who catches on to machinery very quick; he’s good at what he does.”

Howden also thinks it’s good to have Jacobson back working in Mayville. “I feel particularly good because this business brought a family man who was working in Grand Forks back to Mayville. Now, he is providing important services for the community.”

Bill got started when former resident Wally Martz asked him to clear an apartment building and then later the Goose River Bank parking lot. From there the business grew substantially. When thinking about all the different winters he has seen through the years, Howden thinks back to 1997. “It seemed like almost everyday we were getting hit with a snowstorm. I was driving around with a Skid-steer that had a homemade cab and homemade heater,” he said. “I’ll tell you what, I’ve seen a little bit of everything.”

One thing that will remain from Howden’s business is Larry Nielson. The Mayville man will continue to do touch-up work gathering snow and ice with the shovel that the Bobcat leaves behind for Jacobson Brothers. “Larry is as hard-working, honest and good of an employee as you can ask for,” Howden said. “He does a tremendous job.” Howden is excited to have Jasper take over the keys.

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