Strand Ready Mix ready at new location

Richard Strand feels that people coming into Mayville didn’t know that there was a concrete plant in town.

Concrete trucks are hauling product from the new Strand Ready Mix location along Highway 200 on the east end of Mayville.

The new Strand Ready Mix plant along Highway 200 on the east end of Mayville began shipping and receiving product this week.

“We’re really excited to use it. That’s for sure,” Strand told the Tribune.

The building was formerly owned by PLG Manufacturing of Cooperstown, which produced skid steers and agricultural equipment. Strand Ready Mix will handle concrete, sand, rock, gravel, black dirt and retaining wall blocks.

“At the new plant, the load will be ready in four minutes.”

Strand will continue to keep product at the old location at the junction of Second Avenue Southeast and Fifth Street Southeast to cover any glitches at the new plant.

“In our agreement, we have until Dec. 1 to have everything out,” Strand said. “That building and property is sold.”

The accessibility along Highway 200 in good for business. The old location is in a residential area.

“Somedays, you have to mix concrete at four in the morning. We won’t be waking people up!” Strand posed. 

Not to mention having to truck product out of the old location after a winter snowstorm, patiently waiting for city plows to clear the heavy snow. The new plant features boiler head to warm aggregate concrete during the early spring and late fall. 

How much product will the new plant move?

“At the old plant, we can batch a cement truck load in 11 minutes,” Strand explains. “At the new plant, the load will be ready in four minutes.”

Strand Ready Mix shares 47 employees with Lakeside Construction, its sister business built on the adjacent property to the east.

“I really like the highway location,” Strand repeated.


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